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Building Strong Families' Relationship Enhancement Workshop  was specially developed for couples who want their relationship to last.  This workshop is for couples who are having struggles, hit a road block in their relationship, plan on being married or for couples who just would like to enhance their relationship as a couple.  This workshop provides couples with the skills and tools to develop and maintain a healthy and successful relationship. 

Our Relationship Enhancement Workshop is a one day, interactive program that will help couples to:



Our workshops are facilitated by male and female Relationship Coaches and group participation is strongly encouraged. 


We limit the number of couples per workshop so that each couple can experience and benefit from the skills and tools that are provided. 

Register quickly to reserve your seat for a relationship changing experience.


Meet and interact with other couples


Learn how to approach your relationship and your partner in a healthy manner to experience the optimal relationship success.


3 Workshops Offered:

Step 1. Building a Healthy Foundation

Step 2. Managing Relationship Conflict

Step 3. Creating Shared Meaning

To Register: